"CULTIVATE PEACE - Without this in mind and action... all our industrial growth and our progress in the name of free enterprise has become our curse rather than our blessing. Responsible and consciencious business is called for... once and for all!"

All it will take for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. We look back at US history and think to ourselves.." how could a society allow slavery".. we look back at German history and say " why did no one stop the Nazis".. there is not much we can do about what lies behind us but learn from it and determine NOT to turn a blind eye to humanitarian issues happening in the here and now. I as one refuse to just "feel bad about it"... I don't know how much of an impact I have... but I refuse to do nothing at all.

I may be a business woman, but I am a human being first and a humanitarian next. I am very vocal and active with issues related to hunger, justice, literacy and humanity. I make no apologies about it! I firmly believe we will either all learn to stand together or cause each and every one of us to fall... together.... one way or another we always have a choice!

It is on the premise that CHICKMELIONbyDesign began DEZINZfor Humanity initiative. On the table right at this moment is the "10-for10" discount initiative. It is a win/win solution aimed at making our world a bit better place one step at a time. We have at least two more initiatives on the drawing board and as long as this lady has the tools to plan more initiatives, plan on seeing more popping up in the future. So keep your eyes on the name "DEZINZforHumanity"... a good way to do that is by joining our Facebook page! And feel free to drop your own positive links down on this page if you wish, we will surely forward ... population wise we are already in the tens of thousands range and growing.


When we enter into a cost agreement, you will have the option to apply a 10% discount on this negotiated price providing you will route an additional 10% (of the total agreed amount) toward a humanitarian effort . We even provide you with a list of a few good organizations for you to choose from. For your convenience, they all accept online donations. We do require a copy of the receipt that these organizations will provide for you automatically in your email.

That's it, it's as simple as that! You automatically became our hero! Every effort makes a difference in our world and we respect those who who want to make a difference.



On small invoice amounts we have been known to ask you to put it all in towards an organization and yes you still get a discount. In addition, you get blessed knowing you have helped (and you know the saying, "what goes around comes around.")